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Bicycle Wet Weather Lube

Bicycle Wet Weather Lube

Bio Wet Chain Lube repels water to protect against contaminants in wet and muddy conditions. Enjoy super smooth gear changes no matter how bad the weather is. It's also biodegradable, meaning it's great for you and the planet. 

  • Ensures silky smooth gear shifts
  • Reduces friction and energy consumption
  • Repels water for chain and component protection
  • Excels in wet, muddy riding conditions
  • Extreme pressure additives for increased efficiency
  • Vegetable oil based formula for eco protection
  • *Biodegradable
  • Pipette system for easy application
  • Can be applied to chain, shifters, cables and derailleurs
  • Ideal for MTB, Road and Cyclocross


HOw to:

  • Clean drive chain thoroughly before lube application.

  • Ensure drive chain area is dry.

  • Apply a moderate amount of Wet Lube to the inside chain link while spinning pedals in a reverse motion.

  • Wipe away any excess lube.

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